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Feeling good is for everyone

Find everyday wellness with a delicious daily gummy that pairs organic botanicals and hemp-derived CBD.

Get to know Janie

A delicious dose of relief

With just 5mg of CBD, each botanical gummy is a just-right daily microdose

Lavender Honey & Lemon

Filled with calming benefits, it’s a gentle way to end your day or start the next.

Hibiscus Citrus Honey CBD Gummies

Hibiscus Citrus & Honey

Good-for-you anti-oxidants help brighten your world from the inside out.

Turmeric Ginger Lime CBD Gummies

Turmeric Ginger & Lime

Feeling in control never felt so good thanks to anti-inflammatory properties. 


Created for daily use

with hemp-derived CBD

Providing all of the health and none of the high, our high-quality CBD stands apart for being organically infused and hemp-derived. And of course, it’s always 3rd party tested. We designed our gummies to be a natural addition to your day, easily fitting into any routine or ritual.

Nourishes daily needs

thanks to organic botanicals

Every batch of gummies brings forward the natural power of plants. We carefully chose botanicals like Hibiscus, Turmeric, and Lavender, knowing they’re scientifically shown to support overall well-being. Enjoy these delicious flavors as you create a moment to center yourself and remember that your wellness matters.

Creates balance

with a natural approach to wellness

Feel good knowing that CBD works naturally with your body’s Endocannabinoid System—which is a part of your central nervous system and helps regulate functions like stress, sleep, and moods. Consistent daily use helps replenish your naturally occurring cannabinoids, which are often depleted by stress, anxiety, and pain.

The Janie difference

Finding power in plants

Rooted in organic botanicals and hemp-derived CBD, each gummy offers the delicious flavors and all-natural wellness that only these plants can provide.

Dedicated to being women-owned

Our brand and products are created, developed, and ran by our two female founders.

All for small business

We prioritize working with brands led by women and other marginalized communities. We currently partner with these small businesses for our product development, art, photography, and marketing needs.

Promising non-profit support

Giving back is a must, and we’re proud to support and embark on partnerships with organizations that improve and elevate wellness for all.