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Meet our founders:
Nicole & Jess

Learn why they created Janie to provide wellness with intention, beginning from the inside out

Promising premium ingredients

What you put in your body matters and we know effective wellness routines need the best ingredients. That’s why we use only organic botanicals and hemp-derived CBD. Feel good knowing our CBD is broad-spectrum, USDA organic, GMP-certified, certified Kosher, USA grown, and 3rd party tested.

Building a brand with intention

Photography, product development, marketing, and illustrations. As we conceptualized and built Janie, we prioritized bringing in companies led by women and other marginalized communities. To date, we’ve invested business dollars into these exact kinds of creative and strategic partners.

Supporting the cause

Giving back is non-negotiable. We’re proud to pursue connections and partnerships with organizations dedicated to goodness. We’re focusing philanthropic efforts on organizations supporting wellness for all, and helping communities systematically and adversely affected by the criminalization of cannabis.

“Janie is an extension of our friendship and what we know to be true: life feels better when you take it a day at a time, with a supportive friend by your side.”

-Jess & Nicole,
Janie Co-Founders

Our Story

Experiencing it all, together

We met at a job right out of college and have been best friends ever since.

From celebrating big life moments to knowing when to just stop and listen, we always support each other. While we talk nearly every day, we recently found ourselves being more focused on health and wellness.

Big conversations

We realized, that just like us, more and more people are experiencing daily stress, wellness concerns, and just want some relief.

For us, we knew we felt our best and most balanced when using plant-based relief. Things like botanicals or CBD. Which quickly made us think: why not botanicals and CBD?

The natural next step

We researched, found the best ingredients, created our first batch of Janie, and gave it a try.

We found when taken daily, our Janie gummies supported our need for balance. We’re so proud of what we created and our ability to share it with others. It’s our little daily dose of all-natural wellness.