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We focus on the good

Our gummies pair organic botanicals with hemp-derived CBD for all-natural goodness.

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Rooted in organic botanicals

Hibiscus has it good

Filled with anti-oxidant properties, hibiscus flowers provide stress relief and help lower blood sugar.

Turmeric for overall wellness

Trusted for its anti-inflammatory elements, this healthy root and plant is a wellness go-to.

Lavender brings natural chill

Widely known for its calming properties, this powerful plant helps keeps things in focus and fends off stress.

Ginger supports and soothes

The anti-inflammatory properties of this root plant keep wellness in balance.

Paired with exceptional CBD

Our sourcing is key

Our CBD is broad-spectrum, USDA organic, GMP-certified, certified Kosher, USA grown hemp, and 3rd party tested

Why the long list? Well, we did our research and found that just because the label lists CBD doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A lot of CBD products are actually filled with corn syrup, Red Dye 40, or loads of processed sugar.

We know you expect better. That’s why our CBD sourcing is the best.

Made to microdose

Each gummy contains an effective 5mg CBD

Most gummies in the market contain 20mg or more per dose and can overwhelm the senses. CBD is fat-soluble, which means it builds up in your body over time. That’s why a daily microdose can help create more consistent benefits.

Best of all, the ability to microdose means you have more control over your individual experience.

Organically-infused, fast-acting benefits

Our water-based infusions are easy on the body

Not only did we select the highest-quality CBD (and organic botanicals) we chose the best format. Janie gummies are infused with a water-based emulsion. That matters because your body wil absorb the CBD more evenly, for increased bioavailability. Plus, it’s the best way to pair CBD with our organic botanical liquid extracts.

All in all, it’s a perfectly balanced CBD gummy, designed with science in mind.