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Quiet but fierce: Lavender has your back

Illustration of a lavender sprig

Quiet but fierce: Lavender has your back

Have you ever walked past a patch of lavender or enjoyed a whiff of lavender oil, only to feel an immediate sense of calm? Lavender is one of the most well-known botanicals, and it has benefits above and beyond just its soothing scent. 

Lavender’s aromatherapy benefits are well-documented, aiding in a feeling of calm and deeper sleep. But lavender’s benefits don’t stop at its infamous fragrance. As an ingredient, lavender also contains flavonoids – the same compounds in fruits and vegetables that, when you eat them, support your overall wellness.

In particular, a compound in lavender called linalool has been shown to reduce anxiety and decrease blood pressure levels, among other benefits:

  • Better sleep: Lavender may increase your melatonin levels, helping you get deeper and more rejuvenating sleep
  • Pain relief: Research suggests that lavender can soothe headache pain
  • Calm from the inside out: Lavender may have the power to settle your nervous system and improve your mood
  • Cramp fighter: Lavender may soothe menstrual pain
  • Clean up: Lavender’s anti-microbial and anti-viral properties made it a go-to for cleaning before we had modern antiseptics
  • Skin loving: Lavender may increase your skin’s production of collagen and speed up healing

What can’t this pretty purple plant do? Even better, lavender’s flavor is unique and softly sweet, with delicate floral notes. Combined with lemon and honey, the organic lavender extract in Janie blooms into a delicious, light treat that you’ll look forward to experiencing every day.