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Turmeric: Bringing you back down to earth, cool, calm and collected

Turmeric: Bringing you back down to earth, cool, calm and collected

Turmeric’s earthy flavor brings to mind comfort – warming curries and robust spice blends. Originating in Southeast Asia and grown mainly in India and Thailand, the root of this flowering botanical is where its benefits dwell.

On the outside, the turmeric root looks similar to ginger, but under the protective skin are bright, golden-hued fibers. Turmeric’s stunning color is created by curcumin, a natural chemical produced by the plant. Curcumin is what makes turmeric a botanical used by many cultures in pursuit of wellness.

While curcumin is still under study, research already signals that it has a variety of promising health benefits. Curcumin may:

  • Fight inflammation and calm your body
  • Keep blood sugar levels steady
  • Defend against viruses, including the flu
  • Ease PMS symptoms and IBS symptoms

Turmeric’s natural taste, on its own, can be a little bitter and peppery. But just like in many traditional Southeast Asian recipes, pairing turmeric with a little sweetness, a touch of lime, and the fresh bite of ginger creates a rich and delicious combination of flavors.

When turmeric meets hemp-derived CBD, you get a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory compounds that may aid in easing aches and pains while deflecting the serious effects of long-term, chronic stress. In just one small gummy a day, Janie’s Turmeric Ginger Lime gives you the tools to bring your body back to balance.